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Sikkim Wildlife

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sikkim
The Sikkim government established various national parks and sanctuaries in order to protect the rich flora and fauna of Sikkim from the hunters. Some of the famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are the Kanchendzonga National Park, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary and Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary.


Kanchendzonga National Park
Kanchendzonga National Park is the largest national park in Sikkim. This park covers an area of 850 square km. It is bounded in the north by the Tent Peak and the ridge of the Zemu glacier, in the east by the ridge of the Mountain Lamo Angden, in the south by Mount Narsing and Mount Pandim and in the west by the mighty Kanchendzonga and the Nepal peak. The park has remained ecologically untouched due to such features and so it provides a natural protection to the plants and animals. The animals which are found here are the Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black bear, Red Panda, Barking deer and various other animals. Many places in this park have

Kanchendzonga National Park

never been touched by man, and so there are chances that new species can also be discovered here.

Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary
Fambong Lho Wildlife sanctuary is located about 20 km from Gangtok. This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of about 5200 hectares above the road between Singtam and Dickchu. The highest point is located at a place called Tinjure at 7000 feet where a wooden observation tower of the Forest Department exists. Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, Civet Cat and many varieties of birds and butterflies can be found in this sanctuary.


Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary
The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is located in South Sikkim above the town of Rabongla. This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of about 3500 hectares with its highest point being at Maenam at 10600 feet. The Red Panda, Leopard Cat, Civet Cat, Blood pheasant, Black eagles and other animals can be found in this wildlife sanctuary.

Singba Rhodondendron Sanctuary

The Singba Rhodondendron Sanctuary is located near Yumthang in north Sikkim. This sanctuary contains a vast variety of rhododendrons. When these

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

flowers are in full blossom they provide a beautiful colour to this small 33 hectare park. The Blood pheasant, partridges and tiger civet are the various animals which can be found in this wildlife sanctuary.

Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary
Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary is situated around the area adjoining the Changu Lake. It covers an area of about 400 hectares. Flora and fauna that inhabit very cold regions are found here.


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